Arbit - next generation project tracking

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Arbit aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and do not stop before code analysis and translation management.


Beside the releases the most recent version of arbit can always be checked out from SVN. We try not to break trunk and there are enough tests (at least for the core) which should ensure overall stability, but we cannot guarantee, that trunk will always work flawlessly. To get the most current currently developed version of arbit you can check it from svn using the following command:

svn co svn:// arbit


We just released the first full version of arbit, 0.3-alpha. It provides a decent issue tracker, wiki and working notification management with all the required infrastructure.

Current release

Older releases


Arbit itself is considered alpha at the current state, and relies on alpha software, wich is still developed and will hopefully be stable quite soon:

A very basic installtion instruction is available in the documentation wiki.