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Arbit aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and do not stop before code analysis and translation management.

Released arbit 0.2-alpha

We are proud to announce the release of arbit 0.2-alpha. The main features include the new source browsing module and the interface internationalization.

The full change log:

  • Implemented #12: Keep me logged in

  • Implemented #24: Implement VCS module / browser

  • Implemented #25: Interface internationalization

  • Implemented #49: Implement shell script for selective cache clearing

  • Implemented #55: Project-wide blacklist and/or whitelist for notifactions

  • Implemented #60: Easier validation of first (admin) user

  • Implemented #66: No signal is send on user logout

  • Implemented #67: Project summary shows admin username

  • Implemented #73: Introduce a tracker_view permission

  • Implemented #75: Prefill form values with values from prior failed request

  • Implemented: Migration to ezc MvcTools

  • Implemented: Backup and backup importing command line tools

  • Implemented: Action to verify backend integrity

  • Implemented: Not only check for PHP version, but also for configured time zone and magic quotes

  • Implemented: User settings dialog to configure timezone and date format string

  • Implemented: Date formatting depending on user configured format and timezone.

  • Implemented: Support for translations in XHtml template based views.

  • Implemented: Locale based date time formatter, based on data provided by symfony

  • Implemented: Provide downloadable plain text file with all relevant request and error context for easier issue reporting in debug mode.

  • Implemented: Error logging into a log file

  • Implemented: Debug output in debug mode

  • Implemented: Implemented an openid authentication filter which allows to send required fields for openid login to the openid provider

  • Implemented: Unification of module initialization

  • Fixed #51: Caches files interfere between projects

  • Fixed #58: Dashboard updates not populated

  • Fixed #59: Issue type chart blank

  • Fixed #61: Wiki shows the last editor as article author

  • Fixed #62: Notification for issue attachments missing

  • Fixed #63: Changing user permissions does not clear the model cache

  • Fixed #65: All modules activated in the main.ini are active for each single project.

  • Fixed #68: Inconsistency between Tracker-Overview and Issues

  • Fixed #69: Translation directive in new_issue.tpl is broken.

  • Fixed #76: Translation Managers default locale set to null

The full change log is available using the new source browser.

The release is available for download as zip archive and a runnable PHAR archive, mainly intended for easy testing. You can get it, as usual, on the download page.

The next release

For the next release we will focus on two things:

  1. Making the bug tracker more useful.

    As a central and essential feature we plan to finally add support for decent issue reports and filtering.

  2. Integrating metrics based on the source checkout.

    With the source checkout available in arbit we can now start to integrate features like automatic API documentation generation and source code metrics. You might even be able to use arbit as your continuous integration environment already in the next release. For that we will continue to collaborate with phpUnderControl.

We hope you enjoy this release and we hope for feedback or even contributions. Please let no bug be unreported and no sensible feature be unrequested.


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