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Arbit aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and do not stop before code analysis and translation management.

Released arbit 0.3-alpha

We are proud to announce the release of arbit 0.3-alpha. The main features are the new reporting engine for the issuer tracker, code metrics using pDepend and stabilization. I want to thank our new contributors, documenters and bug reporters, most importantly Jordi Boggiano, for their help during this development cycle. Keep up the good work.

The issue tracker reporting engine uses Zend_Search_Lucene by default to index the issues, and can be configured to use Solr, for better speed. Both solutions make it possible to query and follow custom reports. It has been discussed in more detail before.

Internally we switched to using the Mvc-Tools component from the eZ Components project, but this is not noticeable for users.

Additionally a cron infrastructure has been integrated on top of periodic, which allows you to updated the code metrics on commit and will also be used to integrate the Continuous Integration modules, which are not yet part of the release, because they are experimental.

The release is available for download as zip archive and a runnable PHAR archive, mainly intended for easy testing. You can get it, as usual, on the download page. The migration from 0.2-alpha to 0.3-alpha is easy and documented in the respective migration guide.

The following release

We loosely plan that the next release might already be a beta release of arbit since the point where arbit is feature complete regarding the important things from the original plan is coming nearer. Take a look at the roadmap for more details. One major issue is a installer to make it easier to install arbit and finalizing the CI modules.

The full change log

  • Implemented #2: Implement issue reports

  • Implemented #23: "Close issue" shortcut.

  • Implemented #33: Integration of code metrics

  • Implemented #43: Provide URI to affected objects in notifications emails

  • Implemented #70: Config option for project specific email from and subject

  • Implemented #78: Implement stored reports

  • Implemented #82: Add support for feeds

  • Implemented #86: Post issue reporting action

  • Implemented: Basic cron infrastructure using periodic

  • Implemented: Decoration of source with line based annotations

  • Implemented: Simple metric overview on metrics generated by PDepend

  • Implemented: Optionally show / hide all issues in roadmap

  • Implemented: Base importer module

  • Implemented: Redmine driver for the importer module

  • Implemented: Configurable default values for new issues (type, state, ...)

  • Implemented: Form protection using JavaScript to not leave a change form

  • Implemented: Make writing of translation files optional and disabled by default.

  • Fixed #77: Permission lost on import

  • Fixed #81: Issue updates cause duplicates in search index

  • Fixed #85: Cache size of source module metadata cache explodes

  • Fixed #90: Unassigning task not possible

  • Fixed #91: German Umlauts throw iconv notices, issues are not saved

  • Fixed #95: A group can't have no permissions

  • Fixed #97: Wiki-links to sub pages go to edit view of page even if page exists

  • Fixed #98: Notification mails have US-ASCII encoding while containing UTF-8

  • Fixed #99: Componets cannot have the same name

  • Fixed #103: Namespace field not populated in wiki templates

  • Fixed #109: Wiki looses edit summary on every input error

  • Fixed #110: Wiki page title mustn't be editable

  • Fixed #111: Whitespaces in wiki page titles break

  • Fixed #114: CodeSniffer standard in example phpcs is #standards="Arbit", should be #standard="Arbit"

  • Fixed #115: Exception when logging out

  • Fixed #121: Unicode user names might break in importer script

  • Fixed #122: Users have to be added in the Users group during import

  • Fixed #123: Mails are always sent from default address

  • Fixed #128: Using custom issue types/states breaks the overview charts

  • Fixed #129: BaseUrl generation not compatible with windows OS

  • Fixed #130: Wrong revision links in diff view

  • Fixed #131: svn - initial checkout - dont use config for user and pass

  • Fixed #133: Inconsistent issue sorting breaks roadmap rendering

  • Fixed #137: used Username by OpenID

  • Fixed #152: Internal server error on wiki diff

  • Resolved #120: Make arbit work with CouchDB authentication

  • Resolved #40: Show issue resolution in issue index viw

The full change log is available in the source browser.

We hope you enjoy this release and we hope for feedback or even contributions. Please let no bug be unreported and no sensible feature be unrequested.


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