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Arbit aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and do not stop before code analysis and translation management.

Release arbit 0.1-alpha

The first "real" release of arbit: 0.1-alpha.

With this release the internal APIs should have been more or less stabilized. We at least hope that not many changed are required there from now on.

The release mainly polished the already existing features like the wiki and issue tracker. There has been some major refactoring in the notification system as well - but the usual fixing of all known bugs, of course.

The changes made in detail:

  • Implemented #1: Implement issue search

  • Implemented #6: Enhance "last edits" view

  • Implemented #7: Support viewing and reverting of changes in wiki

  • Implemented #9: Handle user model conversion in a more generic way inside base model.

  • Implemented #39: Attachments and attachment integration in wiki

  • Implemented: Simple JSON view handler

  • Implemented: Caching for all core models

  • Implemented: Caching for tracker issues.

  • Implemented: Caching of wiki pages

  • Implemented: Deliver static files, if not done automatically by webserver.

  • Implemented: Routing, when used with a PHAR archive

  • Implemented: Mapping of signal slot struct to view structs before passing to notification views.

  • Fixed #38: Handle broken RST in issue tracker.

  • Fixed #36: Broken OpenID server leads to arbit exception

  • Fixed #37: Changing issue state enforces scheduling

Phar archive

We extended the release script to also build a PHAR archive, which you may just copy to your webserver folder an instantly run (if you have a CouchDB server set up).

The PHAR archive may feel somehow slowish, since all the static files also have to be server from the archive, like images, CSS etc. The "real" setup gives you a lot faster feeling, but for testing arbit it should work quite well.

The configuration is extracted from the archive to the folder where the phar resides in, so you may edit and play around with those files...


The release is available on the download page, as usual and of course our own arbit instance runs the latest revision, too. So, please play around and let us hear about your issues.


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