Arbit - next generation project tracking

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Arbit aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and do not stop before code analysis and translation management.


Periodic is a fully unit tested PHP based task runner. It is supposed to deliver a basic implementation for managing all kinds of recurring tasks and events inside your web application. It has been designed with having all kinds of different web hosting environments in mind. It is capable of running on most shared hosting systems as well as root servers.


We needed some kind of recurring task management system for different projects we are currently working on. We first started working on some kind of CronjobIterator which is capable to parse a cron definition -- you might know this definitions from the famous vixie-cron daemon -- and provide an iterable list of timestamps matching this definition. The vcron definition syntax seems to be the most intuitive and widely spread syntax to describe recurring events, therefore we chose it.

We wrote a design document for it and started discussing it. We tried to create a modular and flexible system fulfilling the needs of multiple of our projects.

Download and test

There is no release yet, but you can check it out from SVN. We would like to ask you to test it and provide feedback.